JANUARY 19, 2006

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I was so encouraged by the emails I got last week from you all wishing me well with Family Tymes ezine!  Thanks to all who took the time to write.

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Mary Byers,  one of my favorite authors for moms, is considering writing a book about working from home.  She's hoping to get work-at-home moms to help her with material for her outline by answering 10 short questions.  If you are a work-at-home mom, can you please visit the link below and fill out her survey?




Confessions of A WAHM of Teens

Women work at home for different reasons.  Some choose to work at home because of the flexibility it gives them.  Some choose to work at home because they want to be their own boss.  And some, wanting to raise their families full-time, choose to work at home because a job outside the home takes them away from this awesome responsibility.  Those in this last category often call themselves WAHMs.

Since Iíve been a stay-at-home mom, Iíve always had lots of jobs to help pay for the ďextrasĒ in our family.  Nothing was ever really long term, just some freelance work here and there, usually where the kids could help me out.  My children were always the priority.  Personally, my role in the family hasnít been the main breadwinner, but the heart.

As my kids continued to grow and become more independent, however, I found that I had more free time to pursue a career of sorts.  I didnít want to work outside the home, because I am a firm believer that a call on a motherís life does not end when the kids reach Middle School.  It is essential that a mom be available for her kids - even, no ESPECIALLY, when they are teens.  So I found my niche and started working toward establishing myself in the field of writing, working from the computer in my parlor.

But I found that while I pursue this new career, I need to be careful that I donít neglect my primary job - being a wife and mother.  Many days I have found myself at the computer until late at night while my husband and kids were off taking care of themselves.  It really was an easy trap to fall into.  I no longer had a toddler to pull at my pant leg or try to climb up into my lap while I was working.  And they were really good about it, so it was easy to go back to the computer after supper and work into the night.  One day I realized that this was becoming a habit and they were living there lives around me, not with me.

Many times we forget that our teenagers need us to be available for them.  Being constantly busy sends a message to our kids that other things are more important to us than they are.   If we are too absorbed in our work, even while we are home, we will miss valuable opportunities for communication.  

Children need their mom no matter what the age.  Even if they seem all grown up on the outside, they still need their parents to show an interest in and be a part of their lives.  During the teen years we still have a precious opportunity to mold and shape our childrenís lives.  If you are like me, a stay-at-home mom who has taken on a new career as a work-at-home mom, letís not forget our true vision for being a WAHM - putting our families first.


Patti Chadwick is the creator of Family Tymes.  She is also the creator of Historyís Women, an online magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history.


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ďThe great man is he who does not lose his child's heart, the original good heart with which every man is born.Ē     -- Mencius

It is a time in our history when itís increasingly difficult to feel optimistic about the state of the world. And itís a time of the year when we are flooded by the memories of the years past, and by the hope of a better year to come.



Lifestyle By Design

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