JANUARY 5, 2006

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Welcome To Family Tymes!

I'm so excited to publish this first issue of
Family Tymes Online Magazine. I'm so glad you are reading with us today!  It is our goal for this ezine to be practical, easy to read, and encouraging.  Each issue will contain one article and clickable descriptions to at least 4 other articles that will interest busy parents.  It will also include a book "preview" where we let you know about a really good book that we feel you will find of interest. Family Tymes will come to you twice a month when the site is updated with new articles.

Many of you already get our other publications, History's Women and Book Bargains & Previews and have signed up for Family Tymes a while back from those ezines.  I tell you this because it has been over a month since I've been advertising Family Tymes and you may have forgotten that you signed up!  If you would like have been added by mistake, please unsubscribe by using our online form or by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

For those who are new, I am including an short introduction so you can get to know me better.  If you have any questions or would like to share articles at Family Tymes, you can email me.

I look forward to getting to know you all and encouraging you as you raise your families in today's busy world.

Until Next Time!




Hi everyone!  My name
is Patti Chadwick and I'm the creator (and editor) of Family Tymes.  I am first and foremost a wife and mother.  I've been a stay-at-home mom for the past 20 years and live in Batavia, NY with my husband John and three nearly-grown children, TJ (21), Jeni (20), and David (17). 

My family is not the "perfect family", so you won't be hearing from me how to raise one that perfect child. Though I won't be the only writer, my articles will be based on real life situations where I hope to pass on the tools I used as a parent.

In my "spare" time, I am a freelance writer, online magazine editor, and small business owner.  I've been working online for about 6 years now.  I am the editor of History's Women, an online magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history.  I also own PC Publications, a small publishing house and bookstore that helps self-published authors get their books into print and in the marketplace.

Family Tymes is my latest endeavor.  I intend that it evolve into an interactive community where families can find hope and encourage-ment. I've loved being a mom, but I know how crazy it can be, especially when your family is young.  Raising your family is an exciting journey and I want to help you enjoy the ride!

On a more personal note, I became a Christian 21 years ago so my writing is from a Christian worldview.  I think you should be aware of that so you are not surprised when you click through the site.  My faith influences my writing. 

I hope you enjoy the time you spend at Family Tymes.  As I build the site, I hope to add articles from a variety of people with different areas of expertise.  And remember to visit the bookstore for some great books at discount prices!

You can reach me by email at patti@familytymes.org


Asking Great Questions
By Patricia Chadwick

Do you want to know what your teen is really thinking?  Try asking great questions.  Too many times we ask closed questions that require only a “yes” or “no” answer.  Does this sound familiar:

“How was school?”  “Good”

“Do you have homework?”  “No”

“How was the game”  “Okay”

We need to learn to ask specific questions that require thought and will encourage conversation.  Why not try some of these:

*        Was that test in Spanish as hard as you thought?  What were some of the questions on it?  Which question was the hardest for you?

*        Who scored the highest in the basketball game after school?  Were there any amazing plays? 

*        How many people came to Lindsay’s birthday party last night?  What kind of presents did she get.

On a more personal level why not try asking things like:

*          What do you think Heaven looks like? 

*          What kind of person would you like to

*          What’s the nicest thing I ever did for

*          What’s the best thing you remember
  from your childhood?

*          If you could travel anywhere in the
  world – where would you like to visit? 

The list could go on and on…and it should! 

 Why not make your own and begin asking your
     teen questions that will lead to
       meaningful conversations.


Patti Chadwick is the creator of Family Tymes.  She is also the creator of History’s Women, an online magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history.


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Cash Only

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Once you choose to make God your manager, and go to Him first for all your decisions, you’ll struggle less and relax more. All in Good Time is full of time-savers for the busy work-at-home mom. Whether you run a sole proprietorship or small company, Debbie’s proven time management techniques will help you calm the chaos and discover more hours in your busy day.

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The author is the creator of Organized Times and Founder and Host of Organize Your Home Day 2006.  She certainly knows her organizing and will definitely help you improve your organizing skills.

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