February 16, 2006

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We've got a wonderful issue today with some new writers.   Make sure you visit the website to view all the new articles posted.

Today's book preview is kind of long, but I really feel these books are an excellent choice for your middle school children.  Be sure to check them out.

I also want to thank all those who have been sending me encouraging emails.  I am so glad you are finding this Online Newsletter a blessing.

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Are You Missing Your Chance  
           to Work at Home?

          (c) Copyright 2003, Sharon Davis

Have you missed the turnoff that leads to your dream of working at home?

Wouldn't that be disappointing? No one likes to think that they have wasted their chance, missed their opportunity. But that's exactly what happens to many.

Sometimes you can become so focused on a single-minded purpose that you miss the opportunity when it presents itself. Maybe it
wasn't the goal that you started out with, but that doesn't mean that it's not the right path to follow.

Years ago, I left my career to stay at home with my kids. I remember the months after I had made up my mind… I was obsessed
with my dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom. It was all I could think about: How would we make it happen? Could we afford it? I dreamed of watching my girls play from our porch, cooking dinner every night, having the time to work in their classrooms, go to their sporting events.

Long story short, we did it. It wasn't easy; I quit my job, we moved to a different area, my husband had to transfer. But we did it.

It was just as I had dreamed it would be… for a while. But it didn't take long for my restless nature to crash the party. I soon realized that I needed professional interaction. I also
needed to be able to contribute to the household income, as much for personal fulfillment as out of financial necessity.

So, I decided that I should try to find a job that I could do from home. I'd have the best of both worlds. I knew that I had valuable skills and experience. It never occurred to me to
start a business- I'd never owned a business before so it never crossed my mind. I just wanted a job.

Of course, once I started looking around I realized that finding a job that I could do from home was not going to be easy.

Then I came across an ad for an opportunity to promote an educational product. I would earn commissions on my own sales as well as the sales made by any others that I invited to join. That's right, it was a Multi Level Marketing opportunity, not that I really knew what that was at the time. It looked pretty easy, so I gave it a try.

What ended up happening was that I earned enough money to start my own business. I plunged every penny that I made into building the business that I run today, 2Work-At-Home.com.

An MLM was not what I was looking for, but it ended up being the right road. It's not something I wanted to spend the rest of my
life doing, but it helped my to achieve my goal. And that goal wasn't even the one I started out with. I'm really glad that I didn't miss my turnoff.

Here are 5 tips that will help you to avoid missing your chance to work at home:

~Be open-minded. If I had been as closed-minded as many people are about MLM's, I would probably still be trying to run my
website with a free webhosting account. Ask yourself, "why not?" and educate yourself before closing the door on an opportunity.

~Recognize when what you're doing isn't right for you. Sometimes you work so hard to achieve a goal, you fail to see the forest for the trees. Be honest with yourself and whether
or not a situation is right for you.

~Don't waste your time. We all know by now that there are no typing jobs out there, right? Stop going down the dead-end roads of the home typist, ad placing and mail processor jobs.

~Be flexible. Be open to changing your plans, and even to completely revising your goals. This doesn't mean that you should spend all your time waffling between one goal and
another, but that you should have the courage to follow a different path if it calls you.

~Have faith in yourself to follow through with your goals. It's so easy to take the path of least resistance and give up. It's hard work no matter which path you choose, but isn't it
worth it?

Sharon Davis, Work-At-Home expert, author and consultant, helps people to achieve their goal of working at home, telecommuting or starting a home business.www.2Work-At-Home.Com


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We hear a lot about how important it is to praise your kids. We should let them know how great they are at everything they do, right?




She was among an eager group of four-year-old children crowded around my feet as I taught their Sunday school lesson.  I was the teacher and they were the students – or at least that’s how it started out. The pint-sized audience listened intently as I tried to create a mental image of Jesus and His disciples trapped in a thunderstorm on the Sea of Galilee.



Does God care if your room is a mess? Does He care if you hand in sloppy homework?





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Author Annie Laura Smith has written a wonderful series of historical novels about WWII for middle school age students.  These books are sure to get your kids interested in the history of WWII! I highly recommend them.

This series is a great resource for family reading time and homeschooling, too!

You can purchase this book for $6.99/each or the set for $19.99 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.

Saving DaVinci
By Annie Laura Smith
Retail: $6.99
FREE Shipping


Sixteen-year-old Stefano Cavadoni's job can get him killed.  It is 1944 and Stefano is an Italian Partisan, living and working in Rome.  Living a "double-life" because his mother does not have a "need to know," Stefano risks his life to hinder the German army.  He helps save Italian artwork.  He works a rescue to a downed American airman.  He helps the orphans of Rome reach shelter.  If he can avoid the Gestapo, he might be able to live long enough to see the Allies reach Rome.

Published Reviews:

"Through the lives of Stefano, Leonardo, Lina and other Partisans, Annie Laura Smith brings to light the workings and courage of Italian Partisans...She uses the actual raid on the Florence rail yards by the Allied 319th Bomb Group to focus the reader's interest on two main Partisan activities:  rescuing downed Allied airmen and saving Italy's art treasures from the Nazis.  Young readers will not only thrill to the clandestine action, but will also learn about the Italians' priceless artwork and their patriotism and dedication in helping liberate their country." - 1st Lt. Joseph Connaughton, Bombardier/Navigator, 319th Bomb Group, Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters of Operation (1944-45), World War II

You can purchase this book for $6.99/each or the set for $19.99 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.

Will Paris Burn
By Annie Laura Smith
Retail: $6.99
FREE Shipping


On August 23, 1944, Adolf Hitler issued an order to the new commanding General of Paris, Dietrich von Choltitz.  This order set forth Hitler's final decision on the fate of Paris.

    Paris must not fall into the hands of the enemy, or it if does, he must find there nothing but a field of ruins.

For the last four years, Pierre Dumay has fought with the French Resistance against the hated Germans.  He has learned how to make the Germans pay for the deaths of his brother and mother.  Now fate has put him in the position where he must work with a German general to save Paris.

Published Review:

"Patriotic citizens like sixteen-year-old Pierre Dumay and his Resistance group fought bravely for their country during the German Occupation after the Nazis conquered the French army.  Author Annie Laura Smith brings to life those perilous times through the Resistance members' courageous actions to save their City of Light from destruction." - 1st Lt. Joseph Connaughton, Bombardier/Navigator, 319th Bomb Group, Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters of Operation (1944-45), World War II

You can purchase this book for $6.99/each or the set for $19.99 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.

The Legacy of Bletchley Park
By Annie Laura Smith
Retail: $6.99
FREE Shipping


Mathematicians, linguists, crossword experts and chess champions all worked at Bletchley Park in England to crack the secrets of Germany's Enigma code during World War II and hastened the end of the war.  Historically, there is no record of a twelve-year-old British girl, fluent in German, translating decoded messages....But what if all secrets have not yet been revealed?  What if it had happened?

Published Review:

"Author Annie Laura Smith has written an intriguing tale about the top-secret activities of the Bletchley Park decoders of World War II.  Young people today will revel in the courage and sacrifice of the men, women and children of England, when they stood alone against the tyranny of Nazi Germany." - 1st Lt. Joseph Connaughton, Bombardier/Navigator, 319th Bomb Group, Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters of Operation (1944-45), World War II

You can purchase this book for $6.99/each or the set for $19.99 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.



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