March 2, 2006

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I live in the Midwest and am bracing for the high cost of heating my home this winter. My question is about buying/using a space heater. Is there a way to find out if running an electric space heater would be cheaper than the gas I use to heat the home? Is there a formula for this? How would I figure it out. I've taken all the other precautions such as insulation, furnace tune-up, weather-stripping etc. I figure I can keep the heat turned to about 67, but a space heater might be good for the family room-kitchen, the area we use the most.



It’s not uncommon to find parents and grandparents living together with everyone minding the young. In fact, by many cultures, this is a very normal situation that works well for everyone. It tends to work best when everyone knows his or her place and it is clear who is responsible for what.



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Water is the single most important part of a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. If you lose 10% of you body water the results would be quite serious and to lose 20% would be fatal. Every function of your body is performed in a fluid state. The importance of water is understood when we realize the body is three-fourths water. The vital organs are all at least 70% water. Water is absolutely essential for the vital functions of the body to be performed. Your blood (about 90% water) carries nutrients to the cells and waste products from them.



Several years ago, I chaperoned a group of fourth graders on a field trip to Reid Gold Mine. The tour guide took us through dark musty tunnels, explaining how the miners one hundred years ago, searched for veins of gold imbedded in the rocks and hidden beneath the mud. Many panned for years in hopes of finding a few valuable nuggets. After the tour we each grabbed a sieve and panned for gold in the mountain stream.








  Character Keys to a Bright Future
   By Judith Ciccone, Laura Manson, and Francine Larson

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Character Keys to a Bright Future consists of dynamic short stories. Some of these stories are based on true events that happened to teenagers. They deal with peer pressure and bullying in a non-preachy way. The book also has workbook activities that give students an opportunity to clarify their own values and upon completion, a sense of accomplishment. Interesting activities with built-in reading and writing practice. Targeted for 14-17 years.


This unique, write-in workbook defines and examines positive character traits and also reinforces thinking, reading and writing skills.
It has a section on each of the following:  Tolerance, Self Respect, Compassion, Self Control, Respect for the Elderly, Good Judgment, Respect for Others, Honesty, Good Manners and Responsibility.
Here are 4 important reasons why you will find this workbook worth the $10.95 investment:
  • This workbook is self instructing. The reader can progress at his or her own pace .
  • The stories are based are real events and are very relevant to teenagers' lives.  The friendly writing style is written from the heart.
  • There are interesting activities with built-in reading and writing practice .  The questions will keep the reader fully involved.
  • The workbook will give teenagers an opportunity to clarify their own values and hopefully guide them toward better conduct and a bright future.

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This is a wonderful workbook that I wish I had when I was homeschooling my teenagers.  The stories used are thought-provoking and believable.  I highly recommend this for parents of middle-school age children.  It will give them a foundation on which to build their life as they face many life-changing choices.


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